Creating an Authentic Brand

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Amber Rose Quote - Authentic Brand

This week’s post is a day late, but for good reason! At the last minute, I received two tickets for this past weekend’s Worthy Women Conference and brunch with Amber Rose. It was such an empowering experience for female entrepreneurs and I’m thrilled to share with you one of the key things I took away from the conference, namely on creating an authentic brand that remains true to you.

A strong brand is key in making or breaking a business. Especially if you’re selling a service, your personality needs to shine through and be true to who you are. Few things are more disappointing¬†than meeting a person that appears to be one way, but later finding out that they are not who they seem. The same can be said for a brand. It’s very confusing for users when a brand gives a certain impression but doesn’t follow through with it in their service. As Amber Rose said this weekend, “Never sell a dream, be exactly who you are.” You shouldn’t compromise on your values or who you are in order to get business. You’ll attract the right people for you depending on what you market yourself as.

At Monarch, one of the first things that we start with in strategizing is getting to the core of a brand. Remaining true to that core throughout the branding process is the most important ingredient in a strong brand. Today I’m sharing a great brainstorming sheet filled with some of the questions that we use to help you develop an authentic brand.

Download the branding brainstorm sheet here

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