Monarch Design Solutions Blog Launch Day!

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Hey There! My name is Lindsay and I’m the designer and developer behind Monarch. I’ve spent the past 3 years working on my master’s degree and Monarch Design Solutions is the culmination of years of freelance design experience and a desire to help other entrepreneurs and small business owners craft their own brand solutions and help maintain steady growth in their own endeavors. Today is the launch of Monarch’s blog, where I will post a new helpful article, tool, or other media every Monday, rain or shine.

Working with Monarch (or the Design Process)

I work with a business for a total of three weeks, beginning with an initial meeting to create a tailored plan of attack to best attract their target user. Once we have formulated a winning strategy, I’ll work on creating a fantastic brand identity, either updating a current one or creating a new one from scratch. Three promotional items will be created that will best connect with the brand’s target user, and finally I work on creating a website with a focus on great user experience that implements the branding strategy¬†we have just spent the past two weeks developing. A further breakdown of the process can be viewed on the services page.

The website launch and reveal is one of my favorite things as we get to see all of the hard work that we’ve put into the brand come together in one place. I’m so excited to begin working with other passionate entrepreneurs and sharing all of the info that I’ve collected along my own path. I’ve created a google document filled with starting resources that I will constantly be updating and sharing, so be sure to check it out and bookmark it for updates. I’ll discuss these resources in further detail in later articles as well, with reviews of each one to determine if it is right for you. Please feel free to send me any resources that you feel are missing that others might find useful and comment below with anything that you’d like to see here on the blog!

Check out the resources here

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